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Director – Andrew Scogings: Career Summary

Andrew Scogings graduated as a geologist in the late 1970’s and started his career on underground copper mines, followed by a stint on Witwatersrand gold mines and general exploration for Ni, Sn and REE in eastern South Africa. He was introduced to industrial minerals while completing post-graduate MSc and PhD research on alkaline granitoid / nepheline syenite complexes in Natal, South Africa.


During the 90’s Andrew was employed as a geologist and subsequently marketing manager for G&W Minerals (download article HERE for details), a leading diversified industrial minerals company based near Johannesburg. Marketing of G&W’s diverse portfolio of minerals from barite, bentonite and other clays through to coal dust, GCC, limestone, pyrophyllite, talc and natural pigments provided him with the skills set and international contacts to take up a position as geologist at a start-up bentonite mine in Queensland in 2001.

Moving to Perth in 2002 Andrew found employment with AMCOL International, managing bentonite exploration projects in China, Turkey and Australia. During 2008 he established KlipStone Pty Ltd and has since worked on numerous projects including bentonite, chromite, potash, REE, vermiculite and graphite.
Andrew started contributing technical articles to leading publication Industrial Minerals Magazine (UK) in May 2014 and was offered the position of IM Magazine Consultant in August 2014.

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Andrew Scogings – Professional Career Timeline

August 2014 –
Industrial Minerals Magazine (UK)
Dec 2012 – Sept 2014
Exploration Manager
AMCOL International, Chicago
Dec 2010 –
Associate Consultant
CSA Global, Perth
May 2008 –
Consulting Geologist / Director
KlipStone Pty Ltd, Perth
2002 – May 08
Minerals Development Manager
AMCOL International, Chicago
2001 – 2002
Industrial Products Manager
Integrated Mineral Technology, Brisbane
1996 – 2000
Marketing Manager
G&W Base & Industrial Minerals, Johannesburg, South Africa
1993 – 1995
Geological Consultant
G&W Base & Industrial Minerals, Johannesburg, South Africa
1984 – 1987
Senior Research Assistant
University of Durban-Westville, Durban
1987 – 1993
Divisional Geologist
South African Development Trust Corporation, Pretoria
1981 – 1994
Senior Field Geologist
South African Development Trust Corporation, Pretoria
1980 – 1981
Section Geologist
Randfontein Estates Gold Mine Ltd, Jhb
1978 – 1980
Geologist / Chief Mine Geologist
Messina Transvaal Development Ltd,
Copper (Zimbabwe). Lead-Zinc (Namibia)


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