KlipStone owns and has extensive expertise in leading geology software packages, which although they have certain overlapping features, cater for your individual needs according to mineralisation style and stage of geological project development. This supports our ability to provide a superior level of geological consulting and industrial minerals resource estimation.

Micromine™ 2014

Micromine 2013 is a comprehensive geology and mining software program, particularly suited for interpreting mapping, drilling and other geological resource exploration and mining data in a 3D environment www.micromine.com.au.

GEOVIA Minex™ 6.3

Geovia Minex is a comprehensive geological software modelling and mine planning tool suitable for coal and other stratified deposits such as bentonite, chromite and potash. Minex is the modelling and planning package of choice for some of the world’s largest coal mining operations www.gemcomsoftware.com/products/minex. See HERE for a customer success story and HERE for Minex gridding method.

GEOVIA Surpac™ 6.6

Geovia Surpac is arguably the world’s most popular geology and mine planning software, supporting open pit and underground operations and exploration projects in more than 90 countries www.gemcomsoftware.com/products/surpac. Our Brisbane associates AUSROCKS supply a Surpac modelling service.

Geology software Perth
Geology software Perth
Geology software Perth