KlipStone geological consulting and industrial minerals resource estimation has formed strategic alliances with Ausrocks, CSA Global and Stratum Resources, enabling us to benefit from complementary strengths and skills, ensuring an expanded range of services.


KlipStone includes mining advice in its suite of services through an alliance with AUSROCKS Ausrocks

Ausrocks provides a range of services including:

  • quarry design
  • quarry geotechnical assessment
  • sand projects (dry mining and dredging)
  • drill and blast design
  • Measure While Drilling (MWD) assessment
  • specialised civil excavation design (surface and underground)
  • preparation of Development Applications
  • unique consulting skills in metals and industrial minerals

KlipStone has a working relationship with STRATUM RESOURCES. Stratum This alliance is a natural progression for both companies as they share similar values in their business approach.

Stratum Resources is an independent management consulting practice specializing in the International Mineral Markets of Australia, New Zealand and in particular the Asian Region.

Activities include detailed market research and supply / demand analysis to assist miners, mineral processors and end users of industrial minerals. Inorganic Chemicals and Mining Consumables are also covered.



CSA Global csa-global-logo is a leading resource industry consultancy which has been providing quality technical advice and management solutions to the international mining industry for more than 30 years. CSA has broad technical expertise and experience which covers all mineral commodities, geological terranes, deposit types and mining methods. CSA’s team of specialists are leaders in their respective fields and experienced in all stages of the mining cycle from target generation and exploration management, to resource evaluation, project development, mining operations and corporate advice.

The Company has nine offices in Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, Russia, UK and Canada.